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Cosamin DS


Biocel Australia manufactures and supplies nutraceuticals to consumers for the management of arthritis and osteoarthritis. We are dedicated to providing products of excellent quality, manufactured to pharmaceutical grade standards.

At Biocel Australia, we believe that quality, simple-to-understand information is the key to incorporating nutraceuticals into your successful arthritis treatment program. Here you will find information designed to assist you in the management of arthritis and osteoarthritis. Biocel Australia is committed to helping people manage this debilitating and painful disease in a way that maximises quality of life and minimises side effects.

Our flagship product, CosaminDS is a "nutraceutical" not a drug. There are no known contraindications for its use or interactions with other compounds, but responsible health care management for degenerative joint conditions should include seeking advice and a consideration of all the other factors that help management of the condition.