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Cosamin DS

Arthritis Fact Sheet

Osteoarthritis is a common form of persistent degenerative joint disease involving damage to cartilaginous bearing surfaces and sometimes widening or remodelling of the ends of the bones involved in the joint.

It is an age-related condition affecting especially those joints that have previously been damaged. The disease affects approximately 34 per 1,000 Australians and is responsible for considerable illness, morbidity, disability and compromised quality of life.

Traditional treatments for osteoarthritis offer only temporary, symptomatic relief and often result in side-effects with ongoing use.

Through research, and from the experiences of many thousands of satisfied users worldwide, it is recognised that CosaminDS is primarily helpful to those people experiencing joint dysfunction due to osteoarthritis.

Before using CosaminDS for the first time we recommend that you discuss with your health professional whether or not it may be appropriate for you to take, or alternatively, talk to the BIOCEL AUSTRALIA Consumer Support team on 1800-BIOCEL (1800-246-235) or fill in the information request form.

At Biocel Australia we believe appropriate professional advice and support should accompany any decision to use a nutraceutical and promote only those nutraceuticals of proven quality, safety, efficacy and value for money! Our nutraceuticals are evaluated by health professionals experienced in pharmacy and pharmacology.