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Cosamin DS

Signs & Symptons of Osteoarthritis

Common symptoms and signs of arthritis can include:

  • pain on use of joint.
  • brief early morning stiffness (for less than 15 minutes.)
  • stiffness after inactivity.
  • mild joint tenderness.
  • limited range of motion.
  • creaking of joints on movement.
  • joint swelling (occasional soft tissue swelling.)
  • night pain (if well advanced.)

If you can answer "YES" to the following questions, you may benefit from taking CosaminDS as a supplement.

  • My joint dysfunction is definitely due to osteoarthritis (Rather than rheumatoid or another form of arthritis.)
    YES / NO
  • I experience osteoarthritis mainly in my knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, hands or feet.
    YES / NO
  • My joint discomfort has been gradually progressive and is not of sudden onset.
    YES / NO
  • My joint dysfunction is not so severe that a joint replacement operation has been suggested.
    YES / NO
  • My joint discomfort/pain responds to NSAIDs (Non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drugs) but I am concerned about their potential side effects with prolonged use.
    YES / NO
  • My joint dysfunction is not associated with muscular or nervous disorders.
    YES / NO


CosaminDS is available through health professionals such as selected pharmacies, doctors, health Food Outlets, physiotherapists or purchase direct from Direct Order Centre.

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